Get Involved

There's lots you can do to get involved.

  • Let others know of this site. All Scratch Mods submitted will be listed and will get great publicity. Imagine 1000's of people downloading your Scratch Mod.
  • Become a member on the forums and you can do all of the following:
               -Submit names and links of other Scratch Mods.
               -Post in the forums
               -Collaborate with other to develop a new Scratch Mod.
               -Talk about Scratch Mods

Starting a new Scratch Mod look at the resources below.

First make sure you have the source code for Scratch.

Scratch was developed using Squeak so be sure to visit here.

Scratch is programed in Smalltalk so this is a must.

 Other helpful places.

Scratch Modification Tutorial

How to make Cool custom blocks in Scratch

Working together in Squeak

About stealing blocks...